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29th Apr 2018, 11:09
Don't see it anywhere else but from 21.00 new documentary on BA followed by one on MH370

29th Apr 2018, 12:28
"Part one of a two-part documentary charting the history of the airline from the first flight in 1919 to the present day. It begins with the early years of passenger air travel, and looks at the first companies and passengers who braved open cockpits, wicker chairs and no on-board toilets." (Part 2 8th May)

"Senior officials on the front line - including the Malaysian prime minister, defence minister, and the head of Malaysia Airlines - reveal what happened behind closed doors in the situation room as the disaster of the Malaysia Airlines aeroplane unfolded, following its reported disappearance on March 8, 2014. None of them have hitherto given their personal accounts of the challenges faced and their emotional responses to the unfolding crisis."