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23rd Apr 2018, 10:47
I recently bought a Peugeot 206 CC, just for the odd summers day out. The bodywork was perfect, except for a dent to the front wing, about ten centimetre in diameter. I looked at all the options such as taking it to a body shop or using a dent pulling company.

I also looked it up on motoring forums, someone suggested using a sink plunger, I was very sceptical. and this is something I do not own. Anyway I was using a friends bathroom and noticed she had a sink plunger.

I asked if I could borrow it, soaked it in hot water with washing liquid for a good seal and it completly removed the dent with one pull. If only everthing in life was that simple!!!

23rd Apr 2018, 11:04
For "simple" largish dents wh8ch haven't stretched the metal, I have seen that warming up the area with a hairdrier, then quickly cooling with very cold water can also work. Sometimes.

23rd Apr 2018, 11:04
It's not foolproof.
Get it wrong and you pull the paint off as well.

23rd Apr 2018, 11:18
Try it on a Ford Ka and your likely to pull the whole wing off due to rust.

23rd Apr 2018, 13:02
Conversely too, it is surprisingly simple to insert a dent if you need one.

Loose rivets
23rd Apr 2018, 17:42
I'm going to drift. Little modern-finish hall table in a junk shop. Just the job, $5. But it had a very noticeable light flowerpot ring in the dark finish. A cowboy sidled up to me and said, You wanna know how to get that out?


Brown paper and an iron. Just iron it out.

I wondered what he'd be doing with a smoothing iron, but a branding iron would've been silly. I thanked him and headed home with the otherwise unmarked table. Perfect fit just inside the front door.

Paper, iron and doubtful frown. Iron iron iron. Look. WTF! it's gone! Looked to see if I'd done the wrong end. Nope. Perfect. Thanks Tex.

23rd Apr 2018, 17:50
I'm going to drift.
WOT!!!??? In bashed up and dented Peugeot 206??? You must be kidding!

23rd Apr 2018, 19:24
I had a bus hit the back of my Chevy Cavalier, huge hit. Since I didnt really care, I used a weed burning torch, got it really hot, and threw a bucket of icewater on it. It popped the the whole thing out, only a little bondo needed...
Paint was all burned off, but needed to be repainted anyways...

Peugeot 206
those are made of metal?!??

23rd Apr 2018, 21:11
Draw a circle around it, and in the centre write, "Hers".

24th Apr 2018, 01:29
Don't think that trick would work on my 1967 Mini?

The late XV105
24th Apr 2018, 22:40
SWMBO's immaculate Volvo C30 collected a rear panel dent whilst left parked. Someone crushed the rear bumper side, scuffed the bumper paint and left the wing under the rear a decision window pressed in about an inch over a large area just in front of the lamp cluster. The bumper sprung back out and the paint repair was easy fix for me to do but I baulked at 600 for a wing repair after being told that a rigid seam meant paintless techniques such as suction and tapping wouldn't work.

Roll on 6 months and the coldest day of the 17-18 winter.

I noticed that the dent had popped out flawlessly, I presume due to the temperature. :)

25th Apr 2018, 00:07
My last car. It served well but was a bit too lightweight for me. Handled extraordinarily well and had six forward gears. Got away from banks really quickly too. After it, I went back to bikes.

25th Apr 2018, 03:38
My first Peugeot was a 403 station wagon, bought second hand in 1966, an amazingly tight turning circle, great car, not a 'performer' but otherwise a great car. Owned two 404s after that, one rusted completely away but had a great engine, that was in Abu Dhabi the other in Paisley, just a steady car.

25th Apr 2018, 03:56
Saturns have plastic bodies. They don't dent or rust. If required you can pull out a bunch of screws and replace the panels. Brilliant .

Effluent Man
25th Apr 2018, 11:32
I was once given a Peugeot 403 Cabriolet identical to the one driven by Peter Falk in the Columbo TV series. I had bought half a dozen trade ins from a dealership and they asked if I would take it away. Probably worth a small fortune now.