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Uncle Fred
22nd Apr 2018, 08:45
Any stabs from the punters as who might prevail this year?

I make no apologies. I like the show, always have. A good reason to fire up the telly.

22nd Apr 2018, 09:02
University of Essex......:ok: ..well :ooh::ooh:

Should do well as long as questions are confined to the likes of Social Sciences....

And no, itís not my fault the Physics department disappeared.....

22nd Apr 2018, 11:36
Any stabs from the punters as who might prevail this year?

It's always exciting trying to predict which Oxford College will play which Cambridge one in the final. :O

22nd Apr 2018, 11:55
I love shouting out the answers, especially when 8 bright young things haven't a clue.

Then the maths/physics questions come on and I go strangely silent! :(

22nd Apr 2018, 12:05
I love shouting out the answers, especially when 8 bright young things haven't a clue.

Then the maths/physics questions come on and I go strangely silent! :(

I have to refrain from doing this - SWMBO get's exceptionally cross about it. It's a pity, as I use University Challenge as a sort of rough senility check - if I can still get more than half the answers right I reckon I'm not yet on that inevitable downward slope...........

Loose rivets
22nd Apr 2018, 12:54
I'm one of those that would press the button certain I know the answer, but not be able to recall it . . . sometimes until the next day.:uhoh:

I'm okay on the visual stuff, Constable v Turner and such, but classical literature and I'm off to put the kettle on.

Mary Archer was exceptionally good, and indeed, still fragrant. :p

Got 2 out of three cosmology equations. First, no. Dirac, got it but wouldn't have been quick enough, but then they put on Einstein's field equation and everyone knows that. Mind you, I think it was sans the cosmological constant so not so immediately obvious.

22nd Apr 2018, 13:01
I have to admit knowing the square root of not a lot about classical literature or French philosophers or Greek/Roman mythology. I'm astounded that science students know some of the answers.
And then along comes a rare aviation question that is the most basic of basic to anyone with half a brain; and no-one knows the answers and the guess are so stupid I want to scream.

Horses for courses and my superiority feeling returns.

22nd Apr 2018, 14:54
Try this one...


No, me neither!


Loose rivets
22nd Apr 2018, 15:09
Nor me, but the link took me on to David Tong's lecture that I've watched twice.


You can't claim thread drift cos it's about 'what are we made of?' and is therefore all encompassing.

22nd Apr 2018, 16:50
Interesting that you chose a clip with the Newcastle university team. Has that chap, Lowery on the far right, answered or contributed anything? I enjoy UC too but I donít recall him doing a lot. Maybe he was there to make up numbers? :rolleyes:

22nd Apr 2018, 17:04
I'm more of an Only Connect Fan.

22nd Apr 2018, 17:22
Or its presenter...

22nd Apr 2018, 17:27
Buggar, you sussed me.

B Fraser
22nd Apr 2018, 17:39
The definition of an intellectual is someone who watches Only Connect for the questions.


24th Apr 2018, 00:39
Pretty good final - no big scores but I think some of the questions were even more fiendish than usual so it wasn't surprising. I was amazed nobody got The Great Gatsby, but do you think Paxman would have accepted "that bloke in that F Scott Fitzgerald novel" which is what I shouted out, as his name had temporarily escaped me? Something that happens with greater and greater frequency these days :(

Loose rivets
24th Apr 2018, 01:09
Right, having spent the last two days trying to forget #14, for the good of my health, how the heck did the bloke get line 7? Calculate it, or from visual memory?


24th Apr 2018, 07:36
how the heck did the bloke get line 7

It's a relatively easy pattern, just needs a bit of concentration to do it mentally.

24th Apr 2018, 08:18
Any stabs from the punters as who might prevail this year?

Result posted in white below. If you don’t want to know who won, don’t highlight it.....

St John’s College, Cambridge has won University Challenge for the first time in the BBC show’s history, defeating Merton College, Oxford with 140 points to 100. It was the first time since the show aired in 1962 that St John’s made the final.

24th Apr 2018, 09:13
I was not in the best frame of mind when I finally got to sit down and watch the final last night, but I agree with Tankertashnav, I thought the questions were very fiendish. I barely managed to get a quarter of them, if that, and it did make me wonder if I was starting to lose my marbles a bit. My problem is that I'm OK on science and maths, reasonably OK on art and music, but absolutely hopeless when it comes to literature, some periods of history and poetry.

All told a damned good show, though, and both sides can be justifiably proud of their performance.

PS: The problem with Only Connect is that Victoria Coren Mitchell is a major distraction from the questions..........

24th Apr 2018, 10:09
Victoria Coren is alright until she starts speaking. That voice grates on my one working ear.

24th Apr 2018, 10:52
How much of the knowledge provided by the answers in this quiz have you found useful in your life?

24th Apr 2018, 11:26
How do you define useful? Surely knowledge in its own right just adds to your human experience?

My problem is that I'm OK on science and maths

I'm the opposite, science and maths are my "black holes". With the science ones I rarely understand the question, let alone know the answer. With the maths ones I usually answer 1 or 0 - surprising how often one or the other is correct!

24th Apr 2018, 12:19
Good final.
I’m always impressed by the way contestants understand the question immediately, especially when it’s a complicated scientific one. Very few, ‘repeat please’.
I’ve surprised myself sometimes, getting the right answer...though it’s not often!

24th Apr 2018, 18:23
Victoria Coren is alright until she starts speaking.

I agree with that - she's far too fond of the sound of her own voice. I think that the phrase "intoxicated with the exuberance of her own verbosity" covers it. I usually hit the mute button when she goes off on one of her long rambling asides.:rolleyes:


24th Apr 2018, 19:38
Funny old thing, but I've never really noticed her voice. It seems to be her other attributes that always manage to gain my attention.

Better stop now, or else this is like to degrade into thread more worthy of the much-missed Slasher..............