View Full Version : Instructor Self-Revalidation

20th Apr 2018, 19:24
As an FI I am aware that with FCL.945.FI on a licence it is possible to revalidate the SEP in the EASA licence

Can one self-certify?

I am assuming not and it requires a fellow instructor to fly with...

20th Apr 2018, 19:35
It is quite amazing that the CAA endorse a privilege on a licence and like a cheap Chineese product on eBay, it comes with nio instructions!

No, you cannot ever sign your own licence, other than as the licence holder.

As a FI, I am surre there are enough alternate options that you can use, as opposed to flying with another FI, to revalidate your SEP class rating, and simply get it signed by an Examiner.

20th Apr 2018, 20:09
Thanks Whopity I thought so