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17th Apr 2018, 11:43
Going to Malaga in july with aer lingus from Belfast. Flight being operated by ASL.
Anyone know anything about them?

Hotel Tango
17th Apr 2018, 13:12
I thought they were a cargo only outfit. However, it is possible that they operate QC (Quick Change) versions which fly cargo at night and pax during the day. It is/was done by other airlines too.

17th Apr 2018, 13:20
.....I have flown with them a couple of times when they were "fill ins" for first choice/thomson. Glasgow to Faro ISTR.The crews were Ffrench and pleasant. It all worked but the flight deck might have been a tad confused "Welcome to Aberdeen ladies and gentlemen - What?? OK Glasgow" After we got off they were turning round and deadheading back to Paris. I think before ASL they were called Europe Airpost.

The Ancient Mariner

17th Apr 2018, 13:37
ASL operate 757's on a damp lease for Aer Lingus DUB/SNN to the U.S. and Canada. ASL Ireland, part of the larger ASL Group, was formerly Air Contractors. http://www.aerlingus.com/about-us/fleet/boeing-757

17th Apr 2018, 14:03
ASL 737's fly for olympic holidays to greece as well

19th Apr 2018, 13:28
ASL France (Europe Airpost) have six 737-700 pax aircraft.

20th Apr 2018, 08:55
Many thanks for your replies.