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14th Apr 2018, 12:17
Most of the world probably does not know or care about our current national front and centre.
A diluted bitumen pipeline (twinning) pipeline from Alberta to the BC coast that will triple the current deliveries.
Approved by the Federal Government and extensive environmental and regulatory conditions applied.
Strong opposition from BC Gov. and some groups including aboriginal. Law-Breaking scenarios. Escalating stage.
Strong support from some groups including aboriginal. (both provinces).

My take.
Oil has to move.
Alternative transport is rail through the Rocky Mountains. (seen that collection of bumps?)
If there is a major derailment of grain cars. Nature eats and you clean up the rest.
If there is a major derailment of oil tank cars there is no good news whatsoever and all over, and spreading.....................
So, lesser of two weevils.

but far too many important things gong on elsewhere......

Mostly Harmless
14th Apr 2018, 16:24
Canada is closed for business as long as we have a spineless hairdo as a Prime Minister and a group of paid (where is that money coming from) activists from out of country causing trouble.

JT is still using his daddy's playbook from the '70's and is determined to destroy the economy of the west in order to keep the doors closed to the old boys club in Ottawa. After all, you wouldn't want a western voice at the table. Who cares if it takes the whole nation's economy into a recession as long as those in power retain power? It's all strategy, get two of the kids fighting each other while you sit back and do nothing and let them do all your work for you. The politics of division.

This is what happens when people embrace political dynasties in a democracy. When you only have certain "families" who are allowed to run the country, you get the same policies over, and over again.

14th Apr 2018, 18:13
When was the last logging protest held on Vancouver island ? Not one protest after the Canadian companies share prices were driven down and bought up cheap by foreign ers.
The same rent a mob is being rented again ,same groups are at it again .
Driving down the share prices of Canadian assets.
That will be bought cheap in the fire sale when the Government runs out of money and sells off the assets cheap like they did with the Tree Farms on Vancouver Island.
Check Google earth ,the forests that were sold have been clear cut and not one protest since the change of ownership about the sacred trees .
Watch what happens once foreigners own the oil ,they will ship it out and the noisy rent a mobs will be back to saving whales for Jesus :)