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Cool banana
12th Apr 2018, 01:02
Finally after so long $5 Billion will put down by the Federal Government to link Melbourne Airport with Melbourne city.
50 years in the making.


12th Apr 2018, 01:06
even Perth will have a train running probably before construction starts at MEL

Buster Hyman
12th Apr 2018, 01:27
Albion line is the wrong option IMHO. For that matter, a suburban train is also wrong, should be a dedicated service to be worthwhile.
Broady line was the best option if a Suburban train must be used. Shorter distance to build, green field project, etc. Only problem was lack of third track (express) opportunity.

Roj approved
12th Apr 2018, 01:28
how about 2 more friggen runways?:ugh:

12th Apr 2018, 07:30
:ugh:You guys have got it all wrong. In Victoria the priority is the "safe" schools project.

le Pingouin
12th Apr 2018, 07:51
As opposed to the chaplaincy program? :yuk:

12th Apr 2018, 08:35
As economists, you lot make great pilots. As a stand alone rail line the numbers simply don't stack up. Here are some numbers. ML moves 35 million pax a year according to wiki. If half of that total number used the train it would be 41,000 passengers per day. That's significantly below a reasonable return on investment of 5.1 Billion dollars. The only way to make it pay is to make it part of a bog standard suburban line. I hope they don't do what Sydney did, had it as a private venture charging 4 times the normal fare. 2 years of carrying 30 passengers a day saw it go bankrupt. They didn't even offer a heavily discounted annual ticket for airport workers.

le Pingouin
12th Apr 2018, 09:39
Mind you the number of pax is forecast to double over 20 years. Making the route part of a suburban network makes sense as that should help with frequency.

Hopefully facilities are provided on the trains to accommodate baggage though.

12th Apr 2018, 10:59
Melbourne in time will outgrow Sydney. To the west is flat land.

I think they’ve added 1 million in 5 years.

I like the point about economists/pilots. We don’t need pilots to make decisions. We’ve got guys like Andrews who cancelled the East West link and cost what a billion dollars in penalties? It’s gold. Take a drive around the joint. It’s impossoble to run more than two errands in a day.

le Pingouin
12th Apr 2018, 11:43
And building more roads ain't the answer! They tend to suffer from induced demand ("build it and they will come") - just look at the Ring Road.

Buster Hyman
12th Apr 2018, 14:05
Removing Freeways works sometimes, but I guess there needs to be a certain level of intelligence & planning to make it work...something that is seriously lacking in Oz at the moment. All the Pollies want their 'ribbon cutting' re-election moment so, long term vision is pushed aside.

(Saw an article on the one in Seoul. Amazing.)