View Full Version : hypocrisy at the big red rat

11th Apr 2018, 02:44
Comments by Israel Folau about homosexuality that were in line with his faith views hit the headlines recently. Immediately QANTAS threatened to reconsider its sponsorship of the Wallabies.

There is hypocrisy all around here. Telling someone that they are not allowed to hold certain views because they are not 'inclusive', surely makes a mockery of the very meaning of 'inclusive'! But the comments from QANTAS - a company that partners with Emirates, the national airline owned by the Government of Dubai where homosexuality is basically illegal - is hypocrisy in the extreme.

11th Apr 2018, 02:53
Not defending Joyce, but where do you get that Folau isn't allowed to hold certain (idiotic) views? The issue is that he is paid big money to play and keep himself nice so not to put the game or his sponsors into disrepute. Not too hard, is it?

For as long as he wears a sponsor's logo he should keep his religious mumbo-jumbo to himself just out of sheer courtesy if nothing else.

My comments apply to this one instance only.