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9th Apr 2018, 19:21
Evening All

No doubt this thread will cause a stir!, with everything having to be PC these days I do wonder whether the UK Armed Forces are doing the right thing by having women serving on the frontline as Infantry or Commandos. I'm all for women being pilots or captains on a ship, but with Army Infantry women etc in the front line does not seem right. Yes I know there are women medics on the frontline and they do a good job but that's different. Yes Israel & USA have them on the frontline but this is my opinion.

Glider 90

9th Apr 2018, 19:38
The Kurdish YPG women do pretty well in Syria.

Same as the men, select the right candidates, give them the right training and they'll be a very beneficial addition.

9th Apr 2018, 19:44
The Kurdish YPG women do pretty well in Syria.

Don't our "friends" believe that being shot dead by a woman will mean they don't have their 72 virgins and such what?

Saw a TV program on the YPG I think BBC.... the lady running the unit reminded me of Hattie Jaques... admirable people the Kurds.

9th Apr 2018, 19:45
This has nothing to do with PC.
What matters is whether it helps defeat the enemy.
If decision makers decide something they should pay the price personally.

9th Apr 2018, 19:48
I would presume that participation on the front line would be voluntary for females? - whereas males don't have that choice?

9th Apr 2018, 19:53
I presume this originally got posted on the military forum and thrown away down here?

In which case the views of those not involved seems immaterial.

9th Apr 2018, 20:30
It's not as if there isn't any precedents.

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Every society has it's own tale, or in many cases recorded and even recent history of male and female combatants. We are after all a bunch of animals who from time to time exercise their "Inner Chimp" and either sex is equally capable of aggressive behaviour and sometimes unrestrained violence.