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9th Apr 2018, 19:20

Let the people decide


“No to the Prince of Wales bridge! Let the people decide”.

9th Apr 2018, 20:00
https://www.change.org/p/alun-cairns-mp-stop-the-renaming-of-the-severn-bridge-to-the-prince-of-wales-bridge?recruiter=90131254&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial.nafta_milestone_share_a sk_victory.control

if anyone wants to sign it

Pontius Navigator
9th Apr 2018, 20:10
Abandon Hope bridge?

galaxy flyer
9th Apr 2018, 20:47
Good lord, I remember the rather scary Chepstow ferry. At least scary to an 11-year old kid watching cars back down a slippery ramp to board.


Windy Militant
9th Apr 2018, 22:25
Apparently #PontyGont is trending, I'll leave the translation to the imagination.
I like Pont o hyd or the still bridge because whatever they rename it to it'll still be the second crossing, just like the Bennies are still Bennies! ;)

Ascend Charlie
9th Apr 2018, 23:03
Spooner was Welsh, wasn't he? Call it the Heartrake Bridge.

Loose rivets
10th Apr 2018, 00:14
The brick tunnel is worth a read. IIRC, 76 million bricks, a flooding, a diver making his way in on the deep side of an iron door . . . and all the fresh water wells emptying on the Welsh side.

Apart from that, everything went . . . erm, well.

Bee Rexit
10th Apr 2018, 09:20
In a few years there will be a different Prince of Wales and they will be falling over themselves to name it after him!

10th Apr 2018, 09:24
Is this a genuine attempt to reflect the popularity and respect for the current incumbent - or an attempt to boost it?

10th Apr 2018, 09:57
How come the Welsh get to have a free bridge anyway?
The Dartford crossing was also supposed to have the tolls scrapped at one point, but instead of that the charge goes up every few years.

10th Apr 2018, 10:05
How come the Welsh get to have a free bridge anyway?

'Cos we is socialists over yer, isn't it Boyo! Our Parish Council will take the dosh needed to maintain it from somewhere else, no doubt.


10th Apr 2018, 10:49
The Tamar bridge at Saltash only has a toll when travelling East. Thus it is free to get into Cornwall but you have to pay to get into England. Not quite sure what that signifies!

10th Apr 2018, 10:54
Subtle hostage-taking?

10th Apr 2018, 11:34
The Dartford Crossing bridge is officially the Queen Elizabeth II bridge (who opened it in 1991).

The proposed name had been simply the Dartford Bridge, but Thurrock residents objected and suggested the Tilbury Bridge, leading to a compromise.

The PoW opened the Severn bridge in 1996.