View Full Version : Jeff Boyd, Where Is He??

7th Apr 2018, 06:21
Has anybody seen Jeff Boyd, CASA Board Chairman, recently??
Or heard from him??
Or had any replies to calls or correspondence directed to him??
After all, Chairman of the CASA Board is a statutory position, and quite well remunerated, what should the industry and other stakeholders expect in return??
Seriously, where is he and what is he doing as Chairman of the Board of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, a position he has held since 2014.
If anybody out there can shed a light on the subject, please let us all know.
Tootle pip!!

7th Apr 2018, 07:22
For a man who made much noise when in the industry his current silence is deafening!

Horatio Leafblower
7th Apr 2018, 10:11
He seems very busy making sure FlyCorporate have a path cleared for them.
Surely this is an ourageous conflict of interest, to have the Chairman of the CASA board as Business Devt Manager for a major (pardon the pun) operator?
I am not sure if it is paid or not and to be honest, I am not sure which looks worse.

7th Apr 2018, 10:30
This is the new federal public service for you. Standards have dropped severely since I last spoke to a departmental secretary about workplace ethics 20 years ago (the last time I worked in the public service). I currently work for the Feds (not CASA) and feel like an idiot as I watch others milking it for their own benefit.

In the private sector if I blew $1m on building an unwanted social network tool that failed I would lose my job. Not here, the sound of teflon rubbing is deafening. Gawd I'd wish they'd hoover the [email protected] out of my place so we can spend the money on actually building services the public *want* to use.

7th Apr 2018, 23:00
This is outrageous. Inside intel on Corporate Air's competitors and he's their BD Mgr.

I note RAAA are silent on this...

Dick Smith
8th Apr 2018, 05:11
He has not returned a phone call or answered a message from me for many months.

I understand he is paid nearly $100 k a year- could that be true?

8th Apr 2018, 09:43
Probably true Dick. In this country where the PM earns more than the US President and out military chiefs earn double their UK and US counterparts and CEO of Aust Post gets millions nothing surprises me.