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4th Apr 2018, 14:14
I am flying to Beijing, from the UK, later in the year and was surprised to see that the flight time is less than 10 hours. Having flown to Malaysia on numerous occasions I was expecting 12 to 14 hours.
I am assuming this has to do with routing. Anyone shed any light on this?

Johnny [email protected] Pants
4th Apr 2018, 14:36
Malaysia is considerably further than Beijing.

Sultan Ismail
4th Apr 2018, 15:39
Check out Great Circles, amazingly the World is not flat, SIN and KUL are a long way round the other side, and PER is not much further.

4th Apr 2018, 16:25
Have a play with this website:

Great Circle Mapper (http://www.gcmap.com)

Have a look at LHR-PEK



5th Apr 2018, 11:41
Yep, flat map syndrome......