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The AvgasDinosaur
31st Mar 2018, 21:21
Learned contributors,
Not sure if this is appropriate here or on military aviation?
Is any one able to confirm if Omani Jaguars flew missions in the first Gulf War?
Or any combat missions off their own bat at any time.
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1st Apr 2018, 04:17
It seems not.I was working at Thumrait Air Base in Oman during Desert Shield/Storm and worked with the Omani Hunters (6 Sqn) and Jaguars (8 Sqn). We operated with USAF, USN, USMC, Royal Air Force units preparing for the move to their respective forward bases.

Some Omani CAP missions were flown when it looked as if Yemen was deciding to back Saddam, but most were either training, Home Defence CAP and Coastal watch. We lost at least one Jaguar in training. The US lost an F-15 and the RAF a Tornado, IIRC.

Omani Hunters were mostly ex-Jordanian, we had modified the aircraft up to an FGA.Mk.9 standard, there were no F.6's. Ironically the T.67's, 803 & 804, were both ex-Kuwaiti, and some of the ex-Jordanian Hunters could well have seen action against Israel with Iraq and Jordan! One was found on refurbishment with an old 'wound' - a .50 calibre projectile embedded in the wing.

The Hunters should have retired prior to the GW but were retained for another 2 years finally retiring in 1993. They were very effective training aircraft when up against F-14's, F-15's and F-16's and were barred from any further simulated attacks on USN carrier groups. The Hunter has been brought back to the RAF, just this year in UK for that purpose and of course it is still used by Northern Lights in Canada on contract for similar training

Omani Strikemasters at Masirah were well into the advanced training role and would not have taken any active operational role during this period but they were still in service in 1999 and may still be today; there was a Jaguar Squadron at Masirah then, 20 Sqn.

Shorts Seavans (local modifications to the Skyvan equipped for coastal maritime surveillance), operating from Seeb and Khasab were used up the coast of Northern Oman on the all important sea-lanes.

C-130's based at Seeb and clearly marked with VERY large lettering 'OMAN' and a large Omani flag, operated to supply the Sultans Ground Forces who took an active role in the northern Gulf and Kuwait. I believe that there were a number of Omani jundis (soldiers) lost their lives in GW1.

As Oman provided support and training facilities for coalition forces, Air, Ground and Sea, as well as being a large medical casualty facility, you could say that it took a very active role in Desert Storm, its facilities were also put to use during GW2.https://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?72052-What-part-did-the-Gulf-States-air-forces-play-in-Desert-Storm

The AvgasDinosaur
1st Apr 2018, 16:54
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