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31st Mar 2018, 01:45
Major bingle at Wanka when Yak 3U cleaned up a photography stand in the flight strip. Basically tore half the right wing off. Pilot and rest of aircraft OK apart from pride!

Why would a stand be in the flight strip is the question? The Yak was landing on the grass in the flight strip!!!


31st Mar 2018, 09:12
That's annoying, I was hoping to see the Yak fly tomorrow. This video on Youtube gives a better idea of what happened:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz07Q5Etyjc

Good to see the pilot was able to get out.

Judging by the lineup on the ground by the fence yesterday, it should be an impressive show nonetheless.

31st Mar 2018, 09:34
Airshow general manager Ed Taylor said the cherry picker was on the runway as part of "an event that was happening shortly afterwards", but it was still to be determined whether or not it should have been cleared off the runway for Dovey's landing.

yeah I reckon it should have been!!

1st Apr 2018, 04:08
is Arthur Dovey, the pilot, Rex Dovey's son?

1st Apr 2018, 04:57
is Arthur Dovey, the pilot, Rex Dovey's son?

No. Brett is Rex's son, I think Arthur may be a cousin of Rex. Presumably the same Arthur Dovey who was Gordon Vette's FO on this flight ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cessna_188_Pacific_rescue