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28th Mar 2018, 19:30
The Real Reason Behind Dragons Den Cancellation ? Chilli Relax (http://chillirelax.club/the-real-reason-behind-dragons-den-cancellation/?target=liberal_news&boosid=429452&contid=2889581&widgid=78815)

28th Mar 2018, 19:44
If you believe that I can lead you to some buried WW2 A/C :E:E


29th Mar 2018, 00:32
Absolutely dodgy advert, with what seems like completely fictitious quotes. A quick look at the domain sees it is hidden by a proxy (WhoisGuard), obviously the owner doesn't want people looking for them.

In fact a closer look at "chillirelax.club" shows no phone, just an email contact form, and loads of spammy content.

One of the many hundreds of arguably fraudulent and deceptive sites on the internet.

Attempting to pay you get:
Please send a check to Store Name, Store Street, Store Town, Store State / County, Store Postcode.

Oh dear...

Alternative method is paypal.. only for complete and utter mugs.

29th Mar 2018, 02:36
There's always one ..

either a complete mug who believes in 'get rich quick' schemes and can't wait to tell others about what they have stumbled across


who is trying to get people to believe in their own 'get quick rich' scheme and is trying to take a few unsuspecting people for a ride...

29th Mar 2018, 04:31
Interesting article on internet scams: