View Full Version : The Retirement Conundrum

23rd Mar 2018, 01:06
My choice of fun is touring and ropy aeros in my 2 seater wonderplane,

My wife's occupation is bi-weekly golfing (she's good) and has 5 hours in her logbook but is scared (terrified, work that out) of flying.

She wants me to golf and I've said that I'll golf when I can't fly. Will she will fly with me when she can't golf

She says "No"

Ahhhhhhh dilemma

23rd Mar 2018, 01:15
No dilemma. Trade her in for one who will.

23rd Mar 2018, 03:10
I intend to die penniless.....

It's just a question of timing.

23rd Mar 2018, 04:15
The only advice I would give to youngsters is to start saving for retirement from their first pay packet, never miss a month, no matter how little and exclude from their calculations company pensions that they may gather along the way. Assume from the beginning that they are going to be self-funded retirees, anything else is 'bunce'.

(Sorry, that was just a bit serious. Low and Slow, you may have to compromise here, wife to travel in business class, you learn golf?).

23rd Mar 2018, 15:43
L&S. Find a golf course far enough away to fly your wife in/out. Then may be you'll have some inclination to try one of the most frustrating, but rewarding games there is.

24th Mar 2018, 06:48
I intend to die penniless.....

It's just a question of timing.

You came into the World with nothing, if you go out in debt you've made a profit.

24th Mar 2018, 08:16
Indebted single mother to be dies in childbirth. Presumably child is born in debt?