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19th Mar 2018, 08:53
Finally, some authorities are taking action. The French authorities have issued a Decree pertaining to the disclosure of refundable passenger-based taxes, fees and charges on tickets sold/deemed sold in France. Under the Decree of 10 April 2017 on information relating to the price of collective public transportation services of passengers (known in French as the Arrêté du 10 avril 2017 relatif à l'information sur les prix des prestations de certains services de transport public collectif de personnes), which became effective on 1 July 2017, it is a requirement that passengers be provided with the total amount of all refundable taxes and charges in the event they do not travel (regardless of whether the commercial fare is refundable or not). Such disclosures are required to be made in the following instances:

· On the last webpage before ticket purchase (i.e., before introducing payment details) and clearly visible and immediately next to the final price displayed; and
· On the invoice (e.g., the ticket).

It is a further requirement that with respect to the disclosure of refundable passenger taxes and charges, information must be provided on how the passenger can apply for the respective tax/charge refund, including the disclosure of any associated refund fees. The scope of the Decree includes all refundable taxes and charges as part of the itinerary and not simply taxes and charges levied by authorities in France, irrespective of where travel commences.

Finally, the Decree applies to all sales entities where the point of sale is in France or a French overseas territory and includes airlines’ and travel agents’ websites and mobile apps in France or deemed to be in France (e.g., websites with a French web domain indicator).

Oh, and don’t be surprised if you see that many airlines are not (yet) applying this Decree. Rumour has it that financial penalties are coming.

19th Mar 2018, 11:17
Finally, some authorities are taking action.

As you perhaps suggest, in France, there is a world of difference between authorities taking action and businesses following it.