View Full Version : Any Canberra (B2) Nerds here?

Genghis the Engineer
16th Mar 2018, 23:24
I'm doing a bit of an analysis project, specifically about the Canberra B2 and it's high altitude performance.

It's not hard to find pilots notes for the type, for example here - A.P. 4326B Pilot's Notes Canberra B.2 (http://www.avialogs.com/en/aircraft/uk/englishelectric/canberra/ap-4326b-pilots-notes-canberra-b2.html)

However, what I really want is to have a look at the aircraft performance, and all attempts so far to get hold of the ODM for the B2 have failed me.

Does anybody, perchance, have a copy that I can beg, buy, borrow, copy or steal?


17th Mar 2018, 23:51
try the following face book pages....

EE Canberra Appreciation Group

Genghis the Engineer
18th Mar 2018, 01:17
Thanks Bosnich, wilco.


18th Mar 2018, 09:36
Genghis, I have attempted to PM you. Your mailbox is reported to be full and my message cannot be delivered until space becomes available.

Genghis the Engineer
18th Mar 2018, 10:29
Hi Chitterne - I struggle to keep space in there. You can email me via pprune or on boffin at engineer dot com.