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16th Mar 2018, 09:58
..... a BZ to all the folks who made our recent trip to Thailand "relatively" painless. Special assistance worked well from Inverness, at Gatwick on the way out and return and the ground staff at Phuket. It does involve a bit of waiting around but it does finally work.
However comma the less said about the rest of the organisation at Phuket the better. To describe it as a zoo is being generous. I counted at least 7 big a/c arrivals around 0630 with the result that immigration and baggage was pandemonium. Having received the assistance above we were very quickly on the bus and then had to wait around three hours for our fellow travellers to make it through the system. Outside the terminal there were about 50 coaches all waiting for dribs and drabs of folk to arrive, all the while keeping the aircon running and creating a miasma of diesel fumes you could chew. What particulate pollution??
Also at Gatwick on the way back our first experience of Gatwick connect was superb. I'd recommend it to any changing flights there.

The Ancient Mariner