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14th Mar 2018, 13:55
How many of these are there now...??


14th Mar 2018, 21:41
"Taxi? I need someone to pick me up and take me to the theatre".

"Sure, got somewhere for me to land?"


"And is there a landing site at the theatre?"

"Don't bother, I'll call a cab..."

15th Mar 2018, 09:00
What are all the hard points for?

15th Mar 2018, 09:27
... and because it flies itself you don't need a pilots licence

Er, I rather think the CAA will be the judge of that.

15th Mar 2018, 11:25
What are all the hard points for?

That's what I thought when I first viewed the pic!

15th Mar 2018, 11:39
What are all the hard points for?

Did you watch the video? Clearly not.

The craft takes off and lands vertically by virtue of those multiple horizontal props (the motor mounts look a bit like hardpoints in the still image).

It has a wing and a pusher prop for horizontal flight.

Spunky Monkey
16th Mar 2018, 09:34
I think you missed the joke there Jim.

16th Mar 2018, 10:58
Don't knock it, Canterbury is the home of Richard Pearse...who flew a powered aircraft before the Wright Brothers...

16th Mar 2018, 15:05
Looking at pictures of four or five lane highways full of nose to tail commuter traffic, I do wonder how a similar fleet of aerial vehicles all converging on a city centre could be managed.

16th Mar 2018, 15:36
That thing pitching around reminds me of a wild mustang with attitude:eek:

West Coast
16th Mar 2018, 18:34
Hate to have seen the comments from the posters here when the Wright brothers were getting ready to do their thing.

Some do need to be dragged into the modern era kicking and screaming.

16th Mar 2018, 19:36
The Wright brothers were aiming at an empty sky.
Things are a little different now.

West Coast
16th Mar 2018, 22:32
By that logic, they better shut down production at Boeing, Airbus and all other manufacturers of flying machines.

16th Mar 2018, 22:35
What a wonderful idea!

West Coast
16th Mar 2018, 22:49
Best to ground your Piper as well, as it would be sharing the same piece of the sky as the air taxi.

17th Mar 2018, 00:23
I'm wondering what insurers are thinking. There will surely be accidents, and loads of litigation. If the litigation doesn't bury the concept right off the bat, actuarial stats will eventually emerge to back up the insurance premiums.

17th Mar 2018, 00:25
Best to ground your Piper as well, as it would be sharing the same piece of the sky as the air taxi.
But I was there first. :ok:

17th Mar 2018, 02:10
Emissions free? Maybe when running.

Not during manufacture.

Guided by?

Something that has "Not to be used for primary navigation" stamped on it in other aircraft I'm guessing.

Doesn't have to stop for traffic lights?

Nope. We call it a holding pattern. Aircraft only. No cars allowed.

Heli-commuting has been tried already. Really took off. If you work on an offshore oil rig, that is.