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12th Mar 2018, 01:37
Interesting story from the Miami Herald obit. Caught me by surprise that the IAF was flying Messerschmitts. Can't imagine the irony of flying them wearing German uniforms. Unbelievable story.

Obituary: Gideon Lichtman, Israeli Air Force pilot, Miami teacher, 94 | Miami Herald (http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/obituaries/article204127679.html)

Interesting sidebar, he was supposed to be on the ac with Buzz Beurling on the day he was killed in the Rome accident.

12th Mar 2018, 03:07
Czech-built Avia S-199s with Junkers Jumo 211, unsuited to the airframe it seems. They bought a bunch of used MK.IX Spitfires from the Czechs as well.