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10th Mar 2018, 14:45

Not often do aircraft accidents precipitate a fundamental change in operational practice like Dryden did.

The 'clean wing' concept, so blindingly obvious in retrospect, is now mandated almost worldwide.

The accident report is worth a re-read today.

11th Mar 2018, 09:06
Thanks for highlighting this crash, glad to see that lessons were learnt. Interesting to see that this particular aircraft was csn 11060, this whole factory batch line seemed to have become ill fated.

TC-JAO csn 11057 was lost in Turkey similar circumstances (icing on wing)

TC-JAP csn 11058 was lost in the Marmara see after an electrical power failure at Istanbul airport occurred during the critical stage of touchdown. (Still missing some 40 years later I think?)

OB-R-120 csn 11059 Flew into high terrain in Peru

Heathrow Harry
11th Mar 2018, 11:05
Personally I always loved the F-28 - especially in the backwoods - it seemed to handle well and be able to take a lot of punishment - from the crews as well as the weather and terrain

11th Mar 2018, 20:59
Thanks for highlighting this crash, glad to see that lessons were learnt


I am amazed that four aircraft with sequential CSN's were each lost in separate, apparently unrelated accidents. I'm not very superstitious, but the statistical probability of this must be almost at the 'impossible' end of the scale!

12th Mar 2018, 18:31
Exactly three years and twelve days after the OP's accident another was lost at LaGuardia for exactly the same reason. USAir Flight 405, 27 fatalities.