View Full Version : Why did the Chicken cross the road

9th Mar 2018, 02:47
To hitch a ride with its old transport company


On Thursday, Bidvest said it was "delighted" to confirm a new long-term agreement with KFC UK to supply 350 restaurants across northern England and Wales from later this month.
It is understood that Bidvest workers made redundant when the contract originally transferred are to be offered their jobs back.
The company's business unit director, Paul Whyte, said: "As the UK's leading food service logistics specialist, we understand the complexities of delivering fresh chicken.
"KFC are a valued customer and we will provide them with a seamless return to our network." In its statement, KFC confirmed it was yet to fully resolve the delivery problems but would not comment, for commercial reasons, on whether it had been forced to pay over the odds to get Bidvest back on board.
I wonder if they can keep their redundancy :E

9th Mar 2018, 02:50
Why did the chicken cross the road ...... ?

To get away from the pervert ...... (spoken while thrusting hips)

9th Mar 2018, 03:00
If their 'new' company failed to deliver on its contract then it wouldn't surprise me if they're paying the difference, at least for a while.

9th Mar 2018, 03:11
I wonder if they can keep their redundancy :E

I would imagine any redundancy package would be irrevocable.

But returning with same seniority might be arguable.