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8th Mar 2018, 08:21
Until I saw the article link below, I couldn't figure out why our two oven clocks had lost six minutes last week.

The article mentions bedside clocks, mine is mains powered but has back up batteries in case of a power failure.
The display disappears but when the power comes back on, the correct time is displayed.

The electricians who rewired my house, and are working on another project for me couldn't explain it, but now all is clear.
I will have a gentle dig at my Kosovan master of works!

Anyone else affected by this?

Kosovo-Serbia row makes Europe clocks go slow - BBC News (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43321113)

8th Mar 2018, 08:46
In the states, if you thought days at work went slower than nights, you were right, by a few hundredths of a hertz. During the higher loads of day, generators were allowed to lag a bit off 60.00hz, then the evening light-loaded dynamos were spun at circa +02 for the right duration to make up the time difference.

Lots of electronic devices, while running a computer clock with a quartz oscillator, still use the mains frequency as a reference for the tick tock count. Operating systems and cell phones can be set to follow network time, in turn synced to that bit of vibrating cesium the government keeps locked up beside the gold. GPS is a ready and accurate reference for [caution: aviation content ahead] avionics [proceed normally] and other gear.