View Full Version : Wants and likes.

8th Mar 2018, 01:32
How often have you heard a speech starting with I want to take this opportunity to... or I would like to thank... or I would like to acknowledge... as if there is something restraining you from doing so.

Dont tell me what you want to do or would like to do, just do it.

8th Mar 2018, 05:41
It is an odd idiom since it suggests the desire, but doesn't complete the act. For some situations, the idiomatic prelude makes a space for grace.

Dont Hang Up
8th Mar 2018, 07:13
I have been trying to decide for a while now what is the single most serious problem affecting our society today. And to be honest I was struggling.

But fujii has nailed it. Thank you! :D

8th Mar 2018, 09:55
The antidote