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5th Mar 2018, 21:51
when people ask me what my aircraft is like I used to refer them to G-INFO with my registration and there it was. Not any more. The new version of G-INFO is lacking photos, completely. Where have they all gone? and more to the point why have they gone?


5th Mar 2018, 22:04
From cache of their old site:

Over the coming months the CAA will be switching to a different version of the G-INFO database and we will no longer be displaying the images that we have already collected nor will we be seeking any new photographs.

Doesn't really tell you why though, perhaps data size and too complex to update links or something.

5th Mar 2018, 22:35
G-INFO does still have a photo link for most current aircraft.

It's cunningly concealed in the section headed "PHOTOGRAPHS".

5th Mar 2018, 22:45
Ah, thought it was a straight link to the Air Britain site. Tried G-SPIT and it came up with a nice range of pics.

Loose rivets
5th Mar 2018, 23:49
Gosh, she's come back to Colchester. I used to commute to work at Luton from Frinton. I even used to land and leave it at LHR while I SLF'd to Dublin for sim rides. 10/6 landing fee.

What a different world it was then.


Looks a lot nicer now than when it was new. Never did like that aubergine.