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28th Feb 2018, 15:16
An Egyptian singer has been punished for cracking a joke about the Nile River. (http://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/egyptian-singer-sentenced-to-prison-for-nile-river-joke/ar-BBJG1N3?ocid=ientp) One of Egypt's most famous singers was sentenced to six months in prison for making a joke at the expense of the Nile River, the BBC reports (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-43217483). Sherine Abdel Wahab, a popular singer and judge on the Arabic version of "The Voice," was convicted of "spreading false news" after a video circulated of her joking that the river contained disease-spreading parasites. The singer, 37, was convicted by a Cairo court and ordered to pay bail and a fine but is reportedly free pending an appeal. I suppose that in our country it is easy to take freedom of speech for granted and I'm sorry to see that she's been pilloried for this.

On the funny side, if spreading fake news (by a variety of sources) was criminal here, there'd be no room left in the prisons rather quickly. :p (or there would be enough revenue from fines that the national debt might get retired ... )

28th Feb 2018, 15:21
The Egyptians are in denial.

28th Feb 2018, 15:37
Rather them trhan me - it's full of disease-spreading parasites!


28th Feb 2018, 15:44
Disease-spreading parasites are ubiquitous; denial is everywhere.

1st Mar 2018, 03:47
Her defence (I'm assuming she is loaded..) should commission an EPA type investigation into the "health" of the Nile and present it to the Court. My guess the Nile is about as "clean" as the Ganges....

1st Mar 2018, 05:58
They are indeed...in de Nile! HyFly....

Ascend Charlie
1st Mar 2018, 06:16
Disease-spreading parasites are ubiquitous

Ubiquitous? I thought they were Bilharzia.

1st Mar 2018, 09:14
Rather them trhan me - it's full of disease-spreading parasites!


I assume you are talking about the river.

Perhaps during her appeal she and her team could offer a swimming trip to the Nile or a glass full each to the members of the court.

1st Mar 2018, 09:20
Rather reminds me of the old joke,

Q. What's the difference between a a new penny and the river Mersey?
A. A new penny is shiny bright.

I wonder if that translate well into Arabic?

Mac the Knife
1st Mar 2018, 15:36
She IS right!

No need for a commission, there are already plenty of studies.


1st Mar 2018, 16:11
She should challenge everyone in authority to go down to the river and drink a pint of the stuff, untreated.
If more than 50% of them end up with gastric problems, she goes free. A certain winner, I would think.