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27th Feb 2018, 08:07
The site was created to publish photos of our aircraft. Site patriotic orientation, this dedication to their beauty, the work of thousands of engineers and designers.

Information on the site was taken from other similar sites:
Photos - airliners.net, jetphotos.net, flightpix.org.
Registries and history of airplanes - airfleets.net, planelist.net, ch-aviation.com, aerotransport.org, scramble.nl, and also from the open data of Rosaviation.
The history of all flights was taken from the site flightradar24.com - this well-known flight data database is formed from airplane respondents. The site stores the history of all flights of all modern aircraft, which often helps in the investigation of accidents. About the principle of the site can be read on the link in Wikipedia: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flightradar24.

In all the listed sites, except for Rosaviatsiya, any visitor can add information according to the wikipedia principle. Therefore, the quality of information is low, it is easy to forge. The same applied to russianplanes.net.

The site is removed on its own initiative, definitively and irrevocably.

27th Feb 2018, 11:49
So why did he delete it?

barry lloyd
27th Feb 2018, 13:35
That is a great pity Kulverstukas. I found it a very useful and accurate site for Russian (Soviet) built aircraft. It was very comprehensive and there is nothing remotely similar to replace it.

27th Feb 2018, 13:54
Try this :


You can 'go back in time' to various save points. Good luck !

28th Apr 2018, 08:05
The site has resumed its activity ...


28th Apr 2018, 08:47
A flash in the pan?