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26th Feb 2018, 04:33

...and where do YOU fit in??? :hmm:

26th Feb 2018, 07:42
I've read about such research not too long ago, particularly the science of studying the amygdala region through MRI. You look at the issues that drive the two groups, particularly in the areas of charity and security and how each approaches solutions (or lack thereof) and it makes sense.

What also makes sense is the almost innateness of the respective group's thinking on a wide variety of issues, which, despite the variations and disparities among the problems and solutions, the individual approach often seems to bring a fair amount of homogeneity.

We've all likely experienced this, where once a political persuasion or stance on a divisive issue is known, a person's thoughts on issues apart from the core can be guessed with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Of course there are always exceptions, humanity being what it is and ultimately, I believe, we share much more in common than we do in contrast with one another.