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24th Feb 2018, 17:22
Vicar of Dibley actress Emma Chambers dies aged 53. Died of natural causes - taken far too young!
BBC report (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43183354)

24th Feb 2018, 17:39
Oh dear. That is awful news. I always thought she was a brilliant actress in her role as dippy Alice.

24th Feb 2018, 18:36
Sad when the good ones go especially so young, RIP Alice. ��

24th Feb 2018, 19:48
She was the one that brought most of the laughs to The Vicar of Dibley. So sad and far too young. RIP Emma.

25th Feb 2018, 11:41
I always thought she was a brilliant actress in her role as dippy Alice.

She was very much a character actress - always played the same sort of parts. But she was definitely the standout character in that series; she had exactly the right face for the role.


Some of her dottyness was hysterical.

"I really like that new book from the bible."

(Dawn French) "Err...... Which book"?

"The Da Vinci Code".

Plus I rather fancied her........

25th Feb 2018, 11:53
The episode with the copperplate "s's" was hysterical and she was a good character balance for Geraldine - as were the Parish Councillors!
RIP Emma/Alice

25th Feb 2018, 18:52
Blimus there's another one gone.

Stephen Lewis, On the Buses' 'Blakey', dies aged 88 - BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-33914037)

25th Feb 2018, 21:22
Bit of a time warp there - that linked BBC page was dated 14 August 2015, and Stephen "Blakey" Lewis had died two days earlier.

26th Feb 2018, 16:38
Eeerrrrr, I 'ate you RedhillPhil!!