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Uncle Fred
23rd Feb 2018, 21:16
I was reading an interview with a prominent scientist who stated that he had no regrets at all in life. He reiterated this when the interviewer probed him on it.

No regrets? Seriously mate? I could name a dozen in less than thirty seconds--one of them being that I was not in the U.S. as a teen to have heard one of the epic concerts that Frampton had there. Sure I could now still catch his apparently very enjoyable act, but 1976 was a true annus mirabelis for concert goers. What it must have been like to have been in California or some such warm place to have heard him.

How many, even now, know the significance of "Bob Mayo on the keyboards. Bob Mayo"

23rd Feb 2018, 22:52
Uncle Fred,

I do.

From one of the finest live albums ever released.

Do You Feel Like We Do?

2-80 for the double-vinyl from Castle Records, Charnwood Precinct, Loughborough......Tel 01509 239157.

Uncle Fred
24th Feb 2018, 07:53
Spot on Zooker. It was indeed one of the best live albums ever. He is one of those rare musicians who is just as good, if not even better, live as in the studio. My how we wore that record out...or two as you point out.

Often a cliche, but they say he is as nice a gent as they come. Took the fame all in stride and just had fun playing the guitar but without the angst of it all.

24th Feb 2018, 08:10
Flea Bay has a mint, limited edition, double vinyl album up for less than a score. Got mine or it would be bid on.


longer ron
25th Feb 2018, 22:03
Yup - I still play that album in the car sometimes :ok:

I have just been watching the recent OGWT prog on iplayer and Peter Frampton
played two songs on acoustic,he was his usual smiling self and did a great version of 'Ooh baby I love your way' - voice still fantastic :) and of course still a lovely melodic guitar player.