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22nd Feb 2018, 11:28
HI All,

Has anybody had any experiences with Thomascook to JFK from MAN? I have noticed that they are pushing hard into the US market and have a tie in with Condor and Jetblue!

Any info on the quality of the flight would be good.

Piltdown Man
22nd Feb 2018, 20:54
How many kilos of free hold baggage will the rapacious TC allow for the states? Zero, five, ten? How much per bag or kilo? The taste in your mouth caused by baggage charges will affect the perceived quality of the flight.

23rd Feb 2018, 08:17
For travel to the USA a 23kg hold baggage allowance is included for Economy, 32kg for Premium.

Piltdown Man
23rd Feb 2018, 12:49
Sounds reasonable. Shame it doesn’t apply for bucket and spade within Europe.

longer ron
24th Feb 2018, 16:11
We have not flown to JFK with T Cook but last year we flew MAN - SFO with them in a 330 - we did not have any complaints.We went cattle class and had reasonable leg room (I am 5' 11'').The outward a/c was really good in that it had a toilet area under the cabin floor (down some steps) which meant there was room for a local 'stroll' around cattle class to ease my old knees :).
The a/c on the return leg had a slightly different cabin layout without the downstairs toilet section but otherwise ok.
Both flights left on time and we were very happy with the food/service etc.

26th Feb 2018, 10:16
Excellent...Thanks for the info. Might give them a try

longer ron
27th Feb 2018, 09:30
Hope you have a good flight Whirley :)
I don't know if you are familiar with MAN?There is an ongoing major development project there and might be wise to arrive there in plenty of time.
We were ok as we had a 4.5 hour drive down to MAN - so we stayed in the Clayton Hotel the night before,which meant we just walked to the terminal for our flight the next morning.
Had a laugh on the way back - we picked up our car from the car park and popped into the onsite petrol station to use their tyre inflator (one of our tyres had a slow puncture) and as we drove away from the tyre box we were accosted by the attendant who said (very animatedly) ''you can't park here'' - 'but but I have just paid to use your tyre air thingy' says I - very sensitive about parking in the petrol station LOL