View Full Version : Anyone had this before?

18th Feb 2018, 16:59
Coming out of Valencia on Friday with British Airway my wife, who travels with an Irish passport, was stopped at boarding gate and asked for ‘secondary identifiation’.

She doesn’t bring her purse with driving licence and all credit cards away with her. The boarding agent was quite aggressive saying she must have something. They even asked for a utility bill!

She produced her Halifax bank debit card which was scrutinised closely and we boarded.

In my many, many years of travelling the world I have never been asked for ID to back up my passport.

Anyone got thoughts on this?

18th Feb 2018, 18:33
Goodness. My passport is well tired, but nobody has ever asked me for more than that. Why does all the print on the cover wear off when it live in a RFID blocker case, anyway?