View Full Version : Lions eat poacher... good for them!

12th Feb 2018, 23:58
South African lions eat 'poacher', leaving just his head - BBC News (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-43035474)

galaxy flyer
13th Feb 2018, 00:08
There are no old, lazy lion hunters.


13th Feb 2018, 06:58
Iíve always thought Hunter is far too noble a term for anyone that kills for sport or any reason other than survival

13th Feb 2018, 09:28
Poetic justice.

All big game hunting should remove the advantages the human has. The hunters to be allowed two very smart knifes. No binoculars, no drones, no electronics, just two knives. Entire carcass, that bit not eaten, needs to be taken to ‘civilisation’ without any mechanical aids. You killed it, you dispose of it.

13th Feb 2018, 11:40
Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Ex Cargo Clown
13th Feb 2018, 12:08
He he he, Karma is a nasty thing.

13th Feb 2018, 12:13
Hope they did not get blood poisoning:E:E

Tech Guy
13th Feb 2018, 12:58
Well done lions. :)

13th Feb 2018, 14:13
1st Lion. "Didn't taste very good did he?"

2nd Lion. "Nah, we should have had him poached."

Lions won, poacher nil. Go lions go. :D

13th Feb 2018, 14:48
Lions eat poacher
Did this happen in Africa or Russia? The old joke is that "In Russia, pussy eats you!" :}

13th Feb 2018, 19:11
we should be tagging all predators and fitting them with cameras that can be retrieved.. would be great to watch.

Dan Gerous
13th Feb 2018, 20:20
Then ate a Buffalo patty, to get the taste out of its mouth.

13th Feb 2018, 20:30
So there is some justice in this world. Well done to the Lions.

14th Feb 2018, 01:47
It's a great pity that elephants are herbivoresNot really, just reading a book of how one of our SAS soldiers death was as a result of an elephant sticking a tusk through him. If it were a poacher at least his body would fertilise the bush, and that's no bad thing, in fact, good, good, good.

14th Feb 2018, 02:08
These lions sure are picky.

What was wrong with the head?

Krystal n chips
14th Feb 2018, 05:52
These lions sure are picky.

What was wrong with the head?

Because as everybody knows the average cat is somewhat discerning when it comes to food....thus unlikely to waste time or effort attempting to eat solid bone.

14th Feb 2018, 08:36
As I flicked through last weekend's Le Figaro magazine, this stunning photo (http://i.f1g.fr/media/figaro/orig/2018/02/05/XVM2675d6ba-0dae-11e8-a078-08d943ba6803-805x453.jpg) of what is arguably the top predator of the animal world stopped me dead in my tracks..
I fail to understand how people can derive any pleasure from shooting such a magnificent animal. What does it prove?

14th Feb 2018, 08:48
For some strange reason that lion in sidevalve's link reminds me of Jack Lord in Hawaii 5-0...

Quite agree about shooting any animal for any pleasure. For food or exterminating vermin is one thing, but to stick a head on your wall or as a rug, coat, stole, whatever...

14th Feb 2018, 09:21
.......what is arguably the top predator of the animal world........
I fail to understand how people can derive any pleasure from shooting such a magnificent animal. What does it prove?

It proves only that the shooter has a small willy............They feel very inadequate and think that “mastering” such a magnificent animal with a penis substitute - aka high powered hunting rifle - somehow makes up for what is lacking in their pants. F*cking idiots.

(By the way, it is the female lions of the pride, (no manes), that do most of the stalking and capturing prey - working as a team. The black marks on the backs of their ears, mark where the other females in the hunt are hiding in the grass, so they can see each other and coordinate their attack. The males don’t generally take part in these attacks, but will sometimes hunt by themselves.)