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8th Feb 2018, 12:03
What do you reckon these two women will get?.....A Mother Daughter combo raping 4 & 7 yr old boys (is it even possible??)...abusing a 2 yr old....drawing blood from them and making them drink it??..is it a 'Witch' thing?? ..... One thing is for certain...in this country at least...whilst they scream for equality they will most certainly NOT receive a sentence equal to what a male perpetrator would get......be interesting to follow this one....

Identities of group behind alleged child sex abuse at performing arts school revealed - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-08/group-accused-of-child-abuse-at-arts-school-identities-revealed/9410304)

8th Feb 2018, 12:12
Performing arts school???
I guess circus has connotations of dwarf tossing and bearded women.

Other clowns need to be deterred by a stiff sentence.

Bull at a Gate
8th Feb 2018, 12:20
We could always wait until they are convicted? Drawing blood? Has echoes of the notorious “Mr Bubbles” case where hysterical allegations were made, but never proved.

Pontius Navigator
8th Feb 2018, 12:46
The mind boggles. Not just of the allegations but that so many things that are done to children are now allegedly abusive.

Mrs PN was an assistant matron at a boarding school. They were in loco parentis. Small boy hurts himself and goes to matron for a cuddkey - problem solved or abuse?

Early teen boarder in showers gets an erection. Told to behave; voyerism or what?

8th Feb 2018, 15:51
every young male who is circumcised in the name of any so called religion is abused - no question about that, same applies to any young female as well.