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30th Jan 2018, 21:11
Shalom all,
As a great admirer of the Israeli Air Force, enjoyer of Jewish cuisine and humour (Some of my best friends etc... but also very uncomfortable about the Palestinian situation) - anyone seen this cracker of a little story?
There'd been many rumours about Sara over the years - and now there's proof.
The recording is in Hebrew, but the tone is unmistakable - astonishing.

30th Jan 2018, 21:27
Whilst Bibi is no DJT, I'm surprised to hear he hasn't resorted to hauling out the missive misdirection of the season, that phrase preferred by pathological liars and right-wing nut jobs alike, "fake news".

Poor, poor misunderstood Miss Sara. My bet is Melania only has to look a certain way at those who elicit her disdain - of course, watch out if you happen to be in the sight line to her philandering husband and liar-in-chief...

Meanwhile, rumor has it that back in the day, Hillary kicked asses and took names, while Michelle's response of "they go low, we go high" seems to have been the most fitting for a First Lady, and dear Laura, put up a constant and nearly perfect example of the proper doting wife.

30th Jan 2018, 22:12
True VA - I have no doubt that HRC was/is no shrinking violet (great story about her that the first thing she did when Bubba told her about Monica was slap him upside the head). And Michelle Obama comes across as one strong woman.
That said - even behind the scenes would either resort to the kind of borderline clinically nutcase ranting on display here?
Even Bubba's infamous `purple fits' have nothing on this...

30th Jan 2018, 22:18
I've heard tell HRC could be a bit of a screaming mimi. Meanwhile, staff members learned soon enough not to mess with Nancy. She learned fast and took no prisoners in her quest to protect her husband.

Tartare, I agree with you and cannot imagine such a screaming nut case being considered normal. Then again, I suppose we could say everyone has a bad day every once in a while...