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27th Jan 2018, 08:59

Hoping I can ask for help given your collective knowledge.

I made a booking on AA for a multi-city trip which was successful in terms of them charging my credit card. Hilo (ITO)->LHR, EDI->LHR, LHR ->LAX, LAX->ITO.

Since I made the booking the AA site keeps telling me the ticket is on request and for the next 24-hours I couldn't see the itinerary. Today, for a few hours, the flights were actually available when I logged into AA except it didn't include the last segment which was HNL-ITO. It still said the ticket was on request though.

Now, if I log on to AA, it just says my flight details aren't available again.

I'm happy to call AA to see what's going on, but does anyone know what might be going on? I suspect it's something to do with arranging codeshare availability but that's just a guess. How long should I hold off before calling? The flights are in March so not urgent.

The booking involves Hawaiian and BA flights if that helps (all AA codeshares).

Many thanks in advance.

27th Jan 2018, 13:12
Call them ...

27th Jan 2018, 18:39
I booked a ticket last week with AA, directly on their website, routing DUB-TPA///PHX-DUB on my UK card and I got the holding email saying my tickets were pending.

My flights are all AA operated on AA flight numbers and it still took about 2 hours for the confirmation email to come through with my actual ticket numbers and seat reservations.

It seems odd you'd wait that long, but perhaps give them a call.

28th Jan 2018, 09:07
All - thanks. I will call but just wondered if anyone had experienced the same before I called. It's still "on request" tonight and will call tomorrow.

28th Jan 2018, 10:02
Hokulea, I suspect it is saying that as AA is unable, at this time, to confirm all of your sectors. Perhaps it is the ITO-HNL, operated by HA, or perhaps one of their own flights, or one of the other code share sectors.

It is something the computer system cannot resolve on its own, a human has to look at it. Your PNR is likely queued to a human who will, eventually, get to it.

Difficult to speculate what the issue is but it could mean you taking a slightly longer connection (if it is HNL-ITO) or perhaps fly on another day. Talking to a human is your best solution, particularly if you have yourself done some analysis? i.e. Ask yourself if it is the HNL-ITO that is a problem, which subsequent flight would I want. Same if it is the LAX-LHR. Knowing what options you would choose, in advance, can expedite the process, once you find a human to talk to.

30th Jan 2018, 03:48
Thanks again, everyone. ExXB had it spot on. I spoke to an AA agent and the delay in ticketing was caused by the final leg (HNL-ITO) not being confirmed. The agent sorted it out very quickly and the trip is now ticketed.