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25th Jan 2018, 10:11
Hi everybody,

Does anyone know where are DC-3 still flying? I'm flying airlines but still my dream is doing the TR on DC-3 and fly it for some time.

Any info will be appeciated.


25th Jan 2018, 11:31
There is one that flies from Malmi Airport, the original Helsinki airport.

Google "dc3 malmi" will take you to the pages.

25th Jan 2018, 13:07
from Rand airport RSA skyclass aviation

25th Jan 2018, 14:45
Doesn't the SAAF still have operational Turbo-Daks?

25th Jan 2018, 18:40
They do Ian

Being resident in the mother city these days one gets to see the odd SAAF C47TP Turbo Dak doing runs into and out of Ysterplaat every now and then.

I was lucky enough to bag my one and only DC-3 (ok C47) flight on D-CXXX of Air Service Berlin out of Tempelhof just before it shut down

There is a splendid original SAAF C47 in the Museum hangar at Ysterplaat (parked next to an even more splendid Shackleton) which one is allowed to crawl all over on a Saturday morning

India Four Two
25th Jan 2018, 19:33
Have a look at:

DC-3 Training DC3 Type Rating SIC Instruction (http://dc3training.com)

There's also a DC-3 in NZ, but I don't think they do type ratings:

Membership - Fly DC3 (http://www.flydc3.co.nz/membership/)

25th Jan 2018, 21:37
Thanks guys, I wrote email to that guys in the US. Do you think they operate on DC-3 or do only type ratings and recurents?

26th Jan 2018, 21:05
Given that it doesn't have a cargo door and from their postings I would say it is a museum piece that goes out on the airshow circuit.

27th Jan 2018, 09:03
Try the Dutch Dakota Association, Aerodrome Aviation Museum, Lelystad Airport.

28th Jan 2018, 22:54
It's possible that Monroe or Lee county, Florida still fly C47/dc3 with the recent zika virus scare.


Heathrow Harry
29th Jan 2018, 08:37
One of the DC-3's a t lelystad is the repainted G-AMCA

Oldprops Douglas Non US registered DC3 Photographs (http://www.oldprops.ukhome.net/DC3-Non%20USA%20Photographs.htm)

This flew airborne magnetic geophysical surveys for Fairey Surveys & Clyde Surveys and then did pollution spraying for AIr Atlantique

Aircraft | Fairey Surveys (http://www.faireysurveys.co.uk/category/aircraft/)


29th Jan 2018, 08:41
Looks like Lee might have some Basler DC-3s. I remember seeing a couple of Monroe County C-47s at Marathon but that was many years ago!

Genghis the Engineer
29th Jan 2018, 10:34
If I was ambitious to do really interesting flying in a DC3, I think I'd contact these chaps about whether they have any jobs going.

EUFAR: POLAR 5 - AWI aircraft (http://www.eufar.net/aircrafts/71)


31st Jan 2018, 04:49
Not sure if they allow pax or you can fly it but TICO in Titusville, FL has a fully operational C-47. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10211864759762136&set=a.10211864756762061.1073741962.1464936508&type=3&theater

31st Jan 2018, 22:56
Buffalo in Canada should be a good starter.

1st Feb 2018, 11:05

Perhaps I missed it but you didn't say what license you hold and with which you'd be doing your DC3 flying. Wouldn't that affect where you could seek training ?

There are a few organizations in the USA doing DC3 training. I'd be surprised if any company using the airplane for commercial purposes other than training would be offering seat time or type rating to the general flying public.

Good luck with your project. You'll enjoy the airplane.


1st Feb 2018, 17:43
Buffalo in Canada should be a good starter.

They have stopped their one and only scheduled passenger service.

1st Feb 2018, 18:39
Thanks I didn't know that.