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19th Jan 2018, 07:42
A bit of hysterical overreaction by the authorities. Dear god I must be getting very old, they look like kids who should have the phones confiscated for a couple of days, not sacked.

Russian pilots land in hot water over bondage video joke (https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/russian-pilots-ulyanovsk-institute-of-civil-aviation-land-in-hot-water-over-bondage-video-joke-pftpvn9br)

A video of trainee pilots cavorting in a tongue-in-cheek bondage dance has prompted a government investigation in Russia.

Students at the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation posted the video of themselves in their underwear, peaked caps and leather straps resembling sexual fetish gear while performing chores to Satisfaction by the Italian DJ Benny Benassi. One student is seen eating a banana suggestively in the video, and the homoerotic element may partly explain the severe reaction. Russia passed a law banning “homosexual propaganda among minors” in 2013.

The students’ video, filmed in their dormitory, has infuriated bosses at the prestigious aviation institute. Petr Timofeyev, head of its organisation and discipline department, told reporters the stunt was “very shabby”. A commission from the transport ministry and the federal air transport agency will try to identify the 14 first-year students who took part and find out who posted it online and who was responsible for their moral education.

Rosaviatsia, the air transport agency, said that students and their tutors faced “the harshest disciplinary measures, right up to sacking and expulsion”. However, some Russians have taken umbrage at the po-faced response to the stunt. More than 20,000 people have signed an online petition saying the cadets should not be ejected.



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19th Jan 2018, 11:47
I was waiting for Charlotte Rampling to appear...

It's Not Working
19th Jan 2018, 12:27
Charlotte Rampling, now you’re talking. A good few here get hot under their collar with a certain young lady that appeared in a state of undress in The Battle of Britain. Clearly they had never watched The Night Porter.

19th Jan 2018, 13:36
Anyone else see the vid of President Putin plunging into an icehole? Yes, I said icehole.....

19th Jan 2018, 23:35
Thank you ORAC for the best guffaws of today. If the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation clip is real I salute their students' humour and their organisational skills, I can only hope that their example of open spoofing of norms is widely followed.

20th Jan 2018, 00:43
Anyone else see the vid of President Putin plunging into an icehole? Yes, I said icehole.....

New meme - an A..hole in A ice hole

20th Jan 2018, 02:22
Lacking a minimum of GOOD judgement, I'm not sure they are ready for the left seat.

Alcohol involved?