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18th Jan 2018, 10:09
So I've just started a nerdy job where I fly from Edinburgh to Copenhagen every week. I'm mostly flying with EasyJet or RyanAir, so on budget airlines.
Wanted to know if what the best credit card or flyers club to join or get. I'll like to get some access to lounges and maybe fast track access boarding.

BYW - In a previous life, I worked as a programmer on BA's Order Data Store computer system.
Just a [hacked] copy of the Amadeus booking systems flight data, but what a complex nasty mess of a system it was.
Escaped just before it was all onshored/offshored to India, in order to "save money".
Glad that I did, seem it's gone from bad to a lot, a lot worse - and I bet it's costing a lot more money now!

18th Jan 2018, 15:51
A large part of your decision is based on: do you already belong to other points schemes? If you do - then you want plastic that will score points you can export to that scheme. If you have multiple sources all going into a single scheme - then you will do much better. Check what cards your existing bank supports and does that gain points? Naturally, you'll check interet levels if you are not able to repay every month.

Also, I think, EZY have their own plastic and that will tend to gain points faster than a third party.

The only scheme that I think particularly bad value is Nectar. The accural rate my look good but the redemption rate is poor.

Lastly, decide what you want to do with the points. Is is more flight for family holidays? Domestic use of food or UK attractions for children?

18th Jan 2018, 17:49
How about a cash back credit card if you pay off in full every month

18th Jan 2018, 20:17
Hello Beavis and welcome to our cabin. You have two good replies for starters, let us know what your choice is as it can help other pax. Please do stay and enjoy the high quality food and entertainment here. (ahem :rolleyes:)

19th Jan 2018, 05:57
According to the news it seems some of these cards companies are cutting back on points. Nectar cut back the value of their points last year and now Tesco are doing the same thing.

Tesco Just Slashed The Value Of Clubcard Rewards And People Aren?t Happy (http://www.heart.co.uk/lifestyle/life-hacks/money-saving/tesco-clubcard-rewards-cut-points/)

I use my bank credit card and get cash back pretty quickly. There is more value to be had.

BKS Air Transport
20th Jan 2018, 12:14
I've been collecting Nectar points for a number of years from various sources, and I agree that building up a decent total can be slow going, however, I'm pretty certain that they've not devalued what the points are worth. They have a straight cash value for exchange at merchants who accept them which is 1000 points = £5, and this has certainly not changed during the time that I've been collecting them. With some other schemes, such as Avios, it can be very difficult trying to work out what your actual points are worth as their value is variable, depending on what you do with them.

To make any real progress with Nectar you have to make use of the bonus collection offers that come along from the merchants that issue them, fill out the questionnaires when they come etc etc. AFAIK there are two credit cards which award them.

This Autumn I have a certain wedding anniversary coming up. I am using Avios for flights to SEZ, and Nectar to pay for the hotel. This has taken me five years to build up, but it gives an idea of what some planning/determination can do.

20th Jan 2018, 17:01
i have a 'miles & more' credit card which in 4 years have given me 2 free tickets to Frankfurt and 2 to Zurich. You can rack up the points if you as i do use it as your main card. Miles can be used on Star Alliance airlines so is quite flexible in that respect

21st Jan 2018, 15:45
Hi, thanks for the posts. I'm still looking around, the thing is I'm not sure how much I'll manage to save if I'm booking cheap flights (< £30) with the budget airlines. Looks like cards are really aimed at the high-end market and the major airlines.

Looks like I'll be using EasyJet a lot, so their card looks worth it just for the extra bag and getting through the bag checks. Also considering the "Starwood Prefered Guest" from Amerian Express seems to offer a whole load of options. I'll post when I actually decide ;-)

There are also quite a few cards linked to BA, but I'll not give them my business since they did not give me any more business (contract programming work) when they decided to "outsource" the Newcastle IT department.

Rwy in Sight
21st Jan 2018, 18:56

I have a similar card or actually I don't use it anymore. One of the drawbacks of the scheme is that you are locked with the airline rather than a number of outlets. I rather use the points NOT miles earned to acquire electronic goods rather that tickets because the awards points are used only for the fare and not the additional items like taxes, security fees etc which are to be paid separately. So sometimes it is worth buying the ticket, when the airline runs a sale, and charge it to the card and earn the points rather the other way around.

22nd Jan 2018, 01:02
Agreed RiS, I have often bought a low fare for cash and just had the points from the cash.

Beavis, when collecting points/miles there is a simple adage, Every Little Helps. Hhhm, I might suggest that as an advertising line to a supermarket ... collecting on EVERY credit card spend does add up. I collect a lot on food and petrol each year.

22nd Jan 2018, 07:41
The best option really depends on your preferred airline for earning, combined with your preferred airline for rewards. The best, in terms of flexibility, is Amex rewards because you can use them in so many programs and choose each time. A lot of your household spending can be directed there to maximise earning potential and you can stack up with earnings from flights, hotels, car hire as well.
If your best airline for “free” flights isn’t part of the Amex program you need to find a card that works for you and research alternative earning options.
I like long haul business flights, so I concentrate on BA and Virgin redemptions using a mix of Amex, Hilton stays, Hertz car hire and Tesco points from the stores and one of their credit cards. Keep an eye out for “bonus” points programs, where they give you extra points for tipping in from cards etc.
It’s quite easy once you are in the swing of it and have the “rules” memorised.

22nd Jan 2018, 17:44

with miles and more you are locked into the majority of the Star Alliance airlines so plenty to chose from. You can use the miles as well to pay for the taxes as well so the flight can be totally free.

Rwy in Sight
23rd Jan 2018, 16:17
You are right about using a number of airlines. However the miles to currency ratio is bad comparing with using the points (in my card you can choose points or miles) to buy a tablet or a mobile. Plus you still have to factor the cost of not using the local member of Star Alliance.