View Full Version : Where is Seldom?

Effluent Man
16th Jan 2018, 20:47
His last post was on December 12th.

16th Jan 2018, 21:02
where is tescoapp?

16th Jan 2018, 21:10
Ou est R. G. Brock?

Effluent Man
16th Jan 2018, 21:30
I think tesco flounced announced. Seldom just vanished, no mention of going. Even when travelling as he does quite a bit he still posts.

16th Jan 2018, 22:19
Ou est R. G. Brock?He's at the competition.

16th Jan 2018, 22:43
Where is the Snowdon of yesteryear?

17th Jan 2018, 09:07
53.068497, -4.076231

17th Jan 2018, 10:12
Where is the Snowdon of yesteryear?
Ou sont les neigens d'antan?
Catch 22 walt:ok:

17th Jan 2018, 10:20
Ages since I've seen the film or even read the book. Must do both...

17th Jan 2018, 17:31
Perhaps 'seldom' is living up to his name.......

Effluent Man
17th Jan 2018, 18:08
Presumably he's not reading JB or he would have replied. It's very odd when such a prolific poster just disappears overnight.

17th Jan 2018, 19:38
There have been a few VERY prolific posters in the last years who just stopped 'poof!' and they disappeared. Not banned, but perhaps a personal crisis that reminded them that spending so much time on the internet with the virtual goings on didn't stack up against real life ? 2014 seemed to be pivotal for a few that I can recall.

17th Jan 2018, 20:56

I post a lot but it’s easy with an I phone
I have posted on the loo! Skiing, waiting for someone ! You name it I have posted from there
Bit different to the guy locked on the home computer till 1 am while wifey sits bored stiff
It’s a great way to fill time i

Effluent Man
18th Jan 2018, 00:07
Wifey also probably suspects that one is not shooting the breeze with other duffers on JB.

18th Jan 2018, 08:51
... I have posted on the loo! ...

What can I say...? (Maybe that has shown through in some of the posts?!!)

18th Jan 2018, 08:55
I have posted on the loo!

That's where I do the DT Saturday cryptic crossword - things sometime take some working out.

18th Jan 2018, 09:42
I have posted on the loo!

Too much information methinks.

One Outsider
22nd Jan 2018, 21:13
He's at the competition.
You mean the place snowflakes leave?