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glad rag
13th Jan 2018, 16:38

BA heading to the bottom of the pile..

13th Jan 2018, 17:48
Didn’t this happen some months ago? Must be a slow news day for this Bahamas Company and it’s non-Dom owner. ie non tax payers.

14th Jan 2018, 00:20
Doesn't sound like it's an old incident:

"Mr Gregory’s itching started on New Year’s Eve, a few hours after he arrived in Cape Town, where his wife and two small children live."

14th Jan 2018, 01:43
This is second such airborne bedbug event reported at BA in recent months.
Other one:

British Airways apologises for bed bugs on Canada flight - BBC News (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41685266)

14th Jan 2018, 07:46
There has been quite a bit of talk over the last year that for a variety of reasons bedbugs are "back", world wide..", so if you think it's ony a problem with BA and on their aircraft....

For example not a high brow source, but FWIW:


Google will reveal plenty of similar..


(That's from "Pest, Independent News for Pest Professionals".......... Sorry, just had visions of HIGNFY)

I don't know where BA figure on any scale of airline furnishing cleaniness but I do know the problem isn't ignored and that reports of infestation are taken seriously with all sorts of measures taken, including using bed bug sniffing dogs...

And ExXB has a point, of course without denying the story it does appear the DM has a bit of an agenda at times...

Anyhow I'll bet with a bit of research you'll find BA isnt the only airlne that has had bed bug incidents, but not everybody writes to the DM.

( as if by magic..here you go, one of many:


14th Jan 2018, 10:27
From wiggy's link: especially the crew bunks where most complaints stem from.

Are they just more aware of the possibility or ... ?

14th Jan 2018, 13:14
Could well be awareness. I think there is a growing awareness in the crew community that bed bugs can be a problem in hotels, world wide, not just in the s hole countries, so they probably are a bit more switched on to the threat and signs thereof...I do know AA arenít the only airline who have had problems with bugs in the crew rest areas, and it is not just AA or BA who have had pax complaints.

BTW top tip doing the rounds (but might of course be duff gen ) to avoid bringing the little bug.... home with you is never put your bags, especially a soft shelled one, onto your bed or any soft furnishings in your room.

pax britanica
14th Jan 2018, 16:37
The daily Fail has a 'bit of an agenda' .... the DM is an agenda, anything left of Hitler (who they were a fan of) , any former nationalised industry (BA cops it the worse) the NHS , the EU, . All the devils spawn according to the DM but yes youare right they cannot wait to have a go at BA ..
Has a bit of an agenda is a huuggeee understatement

Heathrow Harry
14th Jan 2018, 17:29
All papers have an agenda - just go on the beeb website and look at the front page of each days papers and see what they cover as their "main" story

All the printed press run stories knocking social media ("Paedos on FACEBOOk shock horror") because it's eating their ad income alive.

The Torygraph hunts the NHS, teachers etc and the Guardian and Indie the fat cats in the City. The Excess is after Immigrants and the Wail supports "the Middle Class" - all of whom seem to have a profile very similar to Wail owners and journos

The City pages of each paper all have their favourite heroes and villains

Read "Scoop"

14th Jan 2018, 19:01
Here’s a report on BA’s new short-haul business product. We’ve seen them going to no-recline in Y (something I favour) but to squeeze business down to 30”. I can’t believe how stupid this is. Shorthaul business is mostly connections to long haul and execs who don’t care about the price. Neither will be happy with this and passing off the connections is going to cost them on the longhaul.