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8th Jan 2018, 18:03
Just prebooked seats YYC/LHR on the 787-8 and paid to preselect seats but only row 13 are available.
Seat guru is I know is often wrong but does anyone know if 13A&B do have limited recline as they suggest please?

8th Jan 2018, 18:20
Yes, I’m afraid it does look like it.
I have the seat plan here but can’t post it. Ask me another one.

9th Jan 2018, 08:55
Thanks Eckhard

I have seen the seating plan, just wondered if anyone in real life had an idea how bad the restricted recline is. It may be just an inch less, no worries, or virtually no recline at all which is an issue!:{

9th Jan 2018, 11:15
I don’t know for sure but I doubt that in premium economy any seat would be non reclining.

9th Jan 2018, 18:24
Thanks businessair75

According to flyertalk there is no recline problem with these seats and seatguru say there is....guess I will find out soon either way!!:ok:

Harry Wayfarers
10th Jan 2018, 01:48
BA have a row 13?

10th Jan 2018, 06:42
SeatGuru Seat Map British Airways Boeing 787-8 (https://www.seatguru.com/airlines/British_Airways/British_Airways_Boeing_787-8.php)

10th Jan 2018, 10:22
I just read through the user comments on the SeatGuru page. You might want to as well. Although nothing specific for row 13 and recline. Recently I flew a TUI B788 LGW-HKT-LGW in Y and found it comfortable, nothing like the comments suggest for BA. They may not be the same seats, although both are 3/3/3.

11th Jan 2018, 11:40
Different seat pitch if I recall correctly...

11th Jan 2018, 17:34
BA premium economy has an advertised seat pitch of 28".... surely they could not offer any less?

Sorry thread drift confusion, thought you were suggesting row 13 had a different seat pitch to the rest of the premium cabin, guessing you mean BA is different to TUI economy!!

11th Jan 2018, 19:28
BA premium economy has an advertised seat pitch of 28".... surely they could not offer any less?

They advertise 38"

11th Jan 2018, 20:40
And that's what's shown for WT Plus in the SeatGuru link in my previous post.

12th Jan 2018, 08:24
Sorry I meant 38"!

I repeat, I have seen seatguru and read all the feedback and read all the comments on flyertalk but neither answers the question, just wondered if anyone knew the real rather than speculative answer.

Thanks for all the comments.:)