View Full Version : Trump saves lives!

8th Jan 2018, 10:17
2017s safety record was all down to him!!

Is There Nothing This Magical President Can't Do? (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/dispatches/2018/01/03/nothing-magical-president-cant/#fGCaCGykv4b6zAxo.99)

8th Jan 2018, 10:27
Our CAA recently made the same point, without saying it was down to them, though. They were clearly waiting for the credit to be correctly attributed to the US President.................

8th Jan 2018, 10:28
The same magical president and his supporters are claiming credit for good numbers on growth, job creation and the stock market. Never mind that under his predecessor the recovery from the great recession of 2008-9 delivered a momentum which has been sustained.

If he really wants to destroy Obama's legacy he should engineer an economic crash!

8th Jan 2018, 10:40
Perhaps he should demonstrate his magic powers by walking on water? There's a nice bit between the US and Europe and apparently he does want to come to the royal wedding.

8th Jan 2018, 10:51

8th Jan 2018, 10:53
That's only 'cos he's heard the pubs will be open later...

8th Jan 2018, 11:32
He has to walk on water 'cos he can't swim!

8th Jan 2018, 12:24
That's not true. He can swim, it's just that the water rejects him!:p

8th Jan 2018, 12:47
His hair acts as a buoyancy aid.

(I was going to say "natural buoyancy" but...)