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Effluent Man
7th Jan 2018, 18:22
I had not heard of this French singer. Apparently Serge Gainsboug, he of Je t'aime fame, persuaded her to record a composition of his entitled Les Sucettes, ( The Lollipops). The song was as laden with double entendres as a Frankie Howard monologue, of which she apparently understood sans.

Ancient Mariner
7th Jan 2018, 18:31
«Poupée de cire, poupée de son»
Eurovision Song Contest some time ago, she was big in France.

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7th Jan 2018, 23:43
France Gall est morte, surely.

8th Jan 2018, 07:04
France Gall est morte, surely.

Go to the top of the class, or as a “prof” would probably say, something along the lines of : “ tres bien, felicitations” .:ok:

La chanteuse France Gall est morte (http://www.lemonde.fr/disparitions/article/2018/01/07/la-chanteuse-france-gall-est-morte_5238465_3382.html)

Hussar 54
8th Jan 2018, 15:28
Hot stuff in her time, when France was full of Bardot-esque looking women.

Although the last time I saw her on TV, last year, I was left wondering whether she was trying to look like Mdm Macron or whether Mdm Macron was trying to look like her....

Frau H always says that it's the hair - apparently it can make ladies' look 10 years older or 10 years younger depending on the style, colour, etc, and if we were to see most of the famous ladies ' of an age ' with wet hair, straight out of the shower, they'd all look considerably older than we are used to seeing them.

France Gall would certainly fit into that category - as would Mdm Macron.

Mac the Knife
11th Jan 2018, 15:40
Got there just before me Tankertrashnav !

Et avec elle, toute une époque . . .

Merde, c'est triste, tous les gens de mon temps sont en train de crever :{

Le vieux Mac


11th Jan 2018, 16:40
Around 1976 was tuning around on long wave radio (remember that?) and stumbled across a French station playing France Gal's "Comment Lui Dire". Very catchy tune and I remember it to this day.