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6th Jan 2018, 20:28
Sinn Fein MP Barry McElduff chose to “celebrate” the 42nd anniversary of one of the most appalling and cowardly mass-murders of the troubles by posting a video-clip of himself with a Kingsmill bread loaf balanced on his head. The Kingsmill victims were ordinary workers with no political involvement, shot merely for being Protestant. We should at least be grateful to McElduff for showing just how contemptuously Sinn Fein really regards the victims of terrorism. McElduff has since stated he didn’t intend to cause offence. So that’s all right then!

7th Jan 2018, 14:46
Elect a turd to power and it is still a turd. Its absolute bollards about him not wanting to cause offence but it was done in such a way as to be deniable (barely)

7th Jan 2018, 15:05
The problem seems to be that 'private' actions that would have been overlooked or dismissed as unsuitable are now widely distributed on social media and highlighted by 'the offended'.

Many of the stories that are carried as 'news' by the tabloid press are aimed at shocking and encouraging readers to be offended by events that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

7th Jan 2018, 16:29
G-CPTN: With the utmost respect; none of the above applies here. It wasn't a "private action" and it is no good blaming social media or the press for the distribution. The toe rag uploaded it to Twitter himself.

glad rag
7th Jan 2018, 16:45
INDEED, surprising turn there from G-CPTN..

7th Jan 2018, 16:57
I would hope “the offended” would comprise any reasonable human being in this instance CPTN

“Deniable”... Seriously?

7th Jan 2018, 17:00
I wasn't supporting the action of the guy, merely pointing out how his actions have received publicity and how the papers are typically filled with reports of the 'offended'.
His (deplorable) activity was caught up in the maelstrom that promotes such events into national notoriety, when, before 'social media' it would have been a non-reported local event.

7th Jan 2018, 17:03
As there has been nothing from Corbyn, we can only assume this has his full support.

He has form going a long way back and Labour does nothing to denounce it.

7th Jan 2018, 17:10
Pity the asshole McElduff couldn't experience the same terror as the Kingsmill victims did. Not so funny then.

Una Due Tfc
7th Jan 2018, 17:37
I’m glad he did it, too many are being fooled into thinking SF are a normal political party. When they let the mask slip like this, hopefully it will remind potential voters here in the Republic of exactly where these B******s came from.

7th Jan 2018, 18:11
Agreed, Una. It’s a brief, albeit unintentional glimpse of Sinn Fein’s true colours.