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6th Jan 2018, 02:27
What is with all those people who are committing "Murder suicide," killing their kids and wives, or for that matter the ones who just murder their family?

I don't remember any of these occurrencies from when I was younger but it seems to be epidemic these days.

Is it something about our changing values, or the way we are schooling or an increase in stress levels or . . . ?

I could understand the odd person going off his head, hearing voices and just whacking everything in sight but so many of these events seems to be pure selfishness: "If I can't have the kids then no one is going to have them."

Have the morals of our society so deteriorated that we care for our kids less than our immediate need for revenge?

Gertrude the Wombat
6th Jan 2018, 08:47
but so many of these events seems to be pure selfishness: "If I can't have the kids then no one is going to have them."

Have the morals of our society so deteriorated that we care for our kids less than our immediate need for revenge?

It doesn't seem to me that this has changed much over the decades, I can remember it always happening.

6th Jan 2018, 08:54
As it ever was. The only difference is that many years ago it would appear in the dead wood press, maybe on the national and local news and soon be yesterdays news. Today's instant communications and the ability to discuss such matters online raises the profile of what have always been fairly common reprehensible crimes.

6th Jan 2018, 09:12
Except the figures don't back you up. Murder rate pretty static for first half of 20thC then rising from mid 60's to a peak in 2002 (helped by 172 victims of Dr Shipman). Since then they've been FALLING. And 20th Century homicide rate much lower than in medieval times.

6th Jan 2018, 14:32
Are you saying that wife beating didn't occur before 1950, Child abuse, rape, sexual abuse etc?
If something has changed it would seem to be the use of weapons, particularly knives, being used by more and more youths. The other new factor is one of drugs and the combination of drug use and violence or obtaining money to get drugs.

6th Jan 2018, 17:29
Around 1951/2 a chap whose house backed on to my school took an axe to his wife an two kids then topped himself. Transpires he owed a local bookmaker (whose son was in my class) load of dosh.

6th Jan 2018, 20:01
ďAre you saying wife beating didnít occur before 1950...Ē?? You can clearly read that I didnít say any such thing. Nor did the OP whose post related to murder, specifically murder-suicide.

6th Jan 2018, 23:12
In Europe, wife beating started in 1926 with the production in Belgium and subsequent import into Britain of the Stella Artois lager. This lager rapidly became a firm favourite among British drinkers where it carries an eponymous reputation. Not content that British husbands would beat up their wives while all liquored up, the American Anhauser Busch, which produces Budweiser, a mixture only fit for the dunking of ginger biscuits, recently bought out Stella Artois and thus imported the slightly politically incorrect habit of wife beating into the United States.
Some American women, in their fevered search for equality of emancipation have taken to drinking this product thus producing an increase in applications for hand guns at home from American husbands. For somewhat hypocritical reasons of self interest, this has led to calls for stricter gun controls in the US from women's groups

7th Jan 2018, 06:10
Possibly an a apocryphal tale.

A community policeman was trying to tackle a high rate of domestic abuse in his village. He noticed the local pub sold Stella and asked the landlord to switch to a different lager. Very quickly, domestic violence subsided.

Effluent Man
7th Jan 2018, 06:46
Reference the OP, I think it's quite likely that these events are considered to be more newsworthy. I recall the millionaire businessman in the Midlands a few years ago who killed his family then torched his own shack because he had lost all his money, which probably meant that the old girl was on the point of doing a runner. Whether it happens more often is quite difficult to say, more women probably hightail it with what they consider to be a more suitable cove ( or covess) these days. The thinking is most likely that a moody runout is preferable to the Belgian beating.

7th Jan 2018, 06:52
For the want of anything better being available at the bar, I once drank Stella all evening at a post-wedding do. I walked home two miles completely tanked and had by far the worst hangover I have ever experienced; the next day (May Day bank holiday) was entirely spent in bed other than for various bouts of puking. I'll never drink that crap again.

7th Jan 2018, 13:05
ďWhether it happens more often is difficult to say..Ē. No it isnít. Homicide statistics are always recorded so itís straightforward to assess any increase or decrease.