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4th Jan 2018, 09:38
Going home on the bus last night I was amazed to realise one of the two prams on board contained a poodle. The owner had been talking to it "mummy's going to sit down over here..." and I'd naturally assumed there was a very small child aboard. We came to a sharp bend and the whole shebang tipped over backwards - "Duke, Duke, are you all right?" wailed Her Ladyship... A poodle named Duke...

When I got home I looked up prams for dogs - yep, there's a whole darn industry devoted to building strollers for your pet; and apparently has been for several years. People buy into this crap?

I am staggered...

4th Jan 2018, 09:48
Fairly common here. The little mutts will eventually evolve to have no legs!


4th Jan 2018, 09:55
My neighbour's terriers bark quite a lot apparently because they often don't walk them enough. I'm relieved they haven't resorted to this stupidity...

4th Jan 2018, 10:05
Huh? Dogs with no legs? And we have a very old dog who gets tired but won't admit it. I've tried to help him sometimes but the only thing he will permit is assistance into the car. When are out walkies I have to wait while he has a rest, no way does he want a ride.
But then that's a dog, not a designer toy.

4th Jan 2018, 18:09
When SWMBO and I were in Devon for a holiday last year, the place seemed to be inundated with the bloody things.

4th Jan 2018, 22:33
Woman here in Pz walks her two Pugs along the front in a pug pram. Harry, my late Springer used to look somewhat disdainfully as he trotted past.

4th Jan 2018, 23:21
Redhillphil, I would have encouraged him to cock a snook on the pram, so to speak!

Talking with several friends about this; their ghast is as flabbered as mine.

So two prams on the bus I was on; one with a genuine breathing, farting, gurgling baby; the other with a dog. No room for a third pram; would a prospective passenger with a baby inhabited pram been expected to await the next bus?

5th Jan 2018, 04:57
well look at the latest cr+p, soup for dogs!

5th Jan 2018, 05:46
Not for doggies but tonight I saw a pram with anti-collision lights.
Three white LEDs mounted up on the pram lid in front of the pusher flashing like they were strobes.
Thought it was a good idea but bad placement. Imagine it could get very irritating for the pusher.

5th Jan 2018, 15:01
We often encountered the parents of two of our dogs being walked in town. As they grew older the parent dogs developed heart valve problems. At around 15 years old their owners bought a child's pushchair and took them to town in that. Sadly they've both passed away now - as have one our two sons of theirs.

So don't sneer at all dogs in prams, some of them are ill or elderly and too frail for walking. The same goes for small dogs like Chihuahuas or Yorkshire Terriers being dressed in coats - being small they lose heat rapidly and need to be kept warm.

5th Jan 2018, 15:02
I don’t like dogs.

pax britanica
5th Jan 2018, 15:26
Leaving aside the oldies the other critters are not dogs but cats in disguise. Any proper dog should have the ability to rough it a bit-thats what they do, like the US postal service motto

5th Jan 2018, 16:38
Does anyone remember Camberley Kate? The combined forces of all her waif and stray dogs pulling in all directions more or less balanced out the forces on her 'pram'.



Pontius Navigator
5th Jan 2018, 17:31
Once at a county show, a very hot day, we were out with a child aged 2 in a push chair and dog of the same age. The dog moved in front of the push chair, sat down, and made it perfectly clear she considered it her time for the push chair.