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3rd Jan 2018, 02:50
After over 5 years of silence BA has contacted me to say my remaining points will expire soon. I am still pissed off at them for how poorly they treated me and their complete lack of customer service.

I have no idea if my 7000 remaining points are worth anything but perhaps a charity would be happy to have them.

Any ideas?

3rd Jan 2018, 14:11
The way to upset BA is to use the points..............for something other than BA travel.

Join the Avios scheme (ww.avios.com) - transfer the BA points to Avios. Continue collecting (many options including Tesco and Shell) then spend them on something you want.

3rd Jan 2018, 16:56
Or just earn, use, or buy one, and the clock resets for another 3 years!

3rd Jan 2018, 17:43
It used to be that you could donate BA miles to a charity for flights for seriously ill children etc. However, I cannot find that on the BA site at the moment.

On their own 7k of points is almost pointless (:}) so if you don't want to be bothered, let them go. Otherwise Seer557 has the answer.

4th Jan 2018, 03:37
Thanks guys,