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galaxy flyer
1st Jan 2018, 15:10
I saw some pics posted elsewhere of the old steam tractors. Anyone been to this rally in the Malvern Hills?


1st Jan 2018, 16:04
Have been going for a few years now. Not as big as the GDSF, but larger than most steam rallys. Worth a visit, I'll try to find some pics later.

Edit: Here's some from 2017. Zarniwoop may be along shortly to add some more. :-)

It's Not Working
1st Jan 2018, 16:11
Yes, a few years ago. I’m not a steam buff in any sense of the word although I do enjoy good engineering. One word to sum it up - HUGE. Something for everybody including a fun fair for the youngsters and craft stalls for the love of your life. I was particularly take with all the stationary engines in steam and the working, steam powered, wood mill. Amazingly the operators had a full compliment of limbs and digits, the way they were 'converting' tree trunks was a joy to watch. If you have a passing interest in heavy engineering and/or steam it’s worth a visit.

Edit: Pugwash is clearly more knowledgeable than I on steam fairs. If GDSF (whatever that is) is bigger then the mind boggles. I’ve only been to Wellend and Lincoln but remain very impressed.

1st Jan 2018, 16:38
Living about 3 miles from the site I attend every year and hopefully in 2018 with my 2" scale Clayton Shuttleworth 7hp traction engine now I've retubed the boiler.
It's well worth a visit, plenty of scale and full size engines

1st Jan 2018, 16:44
Sorry, INW, fallen into the acronym trap! GDSF is the Great Dorset Steam Fair (https://www.gdsf.co.uk)
Well worth a visit, may need more than one day to see it all.

Edit: GF, if you are planning a trip to the UK to take in some rallys, during the summer months there is always something going on. This is the rally list (http://www.ntet.co.uk/events/rally-list) for 2017, and even this is not exhaustive.
The list for 2018 should be available in March.

galaxy flyer
2nd Jan 2018, 02:34
Thanks everyone. I saw a steam tractor many years ago in England, then saw some pics and curious if rallies are common. They are, might fit one in on my next trip there. 8 have friends in Poole, too.


2nd Jan 2018, 04:16
Used to attend the Bishops Castle one, before I left the UK.


2nd Jan 2018, 09:31
I love these rallies, we have a number each year here in Cheshire.
Massive machines but always amazed how small the actual pistons are, the little ones generally on top that provide all of this power.

2nd Jan 2018, 09:40
Our village has a two-day 'steam rally' every year in June.
It isn't of the same scale as the Welland or GDSF of course, but is supplemented by 'vintage' agricultural and commercial vehicles - and even aero engines (Merlin on a stand which is run several times each day).

Surrounding places also have their own events and there are about 1500 events in Britain each year.
The GDSF (https://www.gdsf.co.uk) is the one to aspire to as it is the pinnacle of such events, though no doubt the Welland Rally (https://www.wellandsteamrally.co.uk) would suffice for a 'novice'.

Search on Googoo for 'steam rally' or 'steam fair' or Traction Time (http://tractiontime.co.uk/modules/extcal/view_year.php).

2nd Jan 2018, 15:26
...always amazed how small the actual pistons are, the little ones generally on top that provide all of this power.

Small? My engine has two cylinders, LP 10" and HP 6" bore with 12" inch stroke. She has an intercepting valve for starting, so I can put live steam into the LP cylinder. That's at 160psi. Also remember that unlike internal combustion engines, cylinders on steam engines are double-acting.